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Shuffle + Synopsis Meme | Your Heart Is On the Line

Cast: Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Amanda Seyfried, Ian Somerhalder

Song: Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over by Amy MacDonald

Synopsis: Right after high school, Bryan (McAvoy) left his family and girlfriend Hannah (Knightley) to go to Connecticut and never looked back. Fifteen years later, he is back in the town to find out that everyone he left have changed. Hannah has moved on and now lives with her sister Melissa (Seyfried) and fiancée Josh (Somerhalder), and his father has a cancer. The only person who is happy to see Bryan is his youger brother Nick, who believes that for the first time they can be a real family. Realizing that he actually came back for Hannah, Bryan is determined to win her back. Hannah soon finds herself drawn to Bryan and falling in love with him again, but afraid of being left hurt and broken, she tries to push him away.

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